Daily menu for July 25 - 29, 2016

Prices: Menu (soup+main dish): 115,-   Soup: 39,-/59,-   Main dish: 95,-


Hot chickpea soup


Spaghetti Carbonara


Vegetable stew, boiled potatoe



Chicken broth with yeast dumplings


Pork cutlet on thyme, carrot-potatoe puree


Couscous with dried tomatoes, olives and parmesan



Green peas cream


Chicken wings on honey chilli, garlick dip, fresh bread


Potato dumplings with mushroom coating dusted with blue cheese



Garlick soup


Stewed beef with tomato sauce, homemade bread dumplings


Green peas puree with onion and fried eggs



Thai chicken soup


Meatballs with vegetable coating, boiled potatoes


Sicillian lasagne dusted with gouda cheese